Amy Penny

I am a womenswear designer specialising in digital print. My graduate collection delves into the process of metamorphosis as a way of incorporating sustainable practice into my work. I have used modular design as a way of transforming garments to achieve a variety of different looks for a variety of different functions. Sportswear was a major contributor to the overall aesthetic as it often uses boldly coloured stretch fabrics in functional ways. I have enhanced the bold colour palette by using natural dyeing, inspired by the Indian Khasi tribe, in parts of the collection to display how this method can be vibrant amongst chemically dyed fabrics. The Khasi tribe has also influenced my use of weaving, I produced a weave using strips of fabrics through a netted fabric, forming a zero-waste technique. The zero-waste concept also translated into a skirt pattern, using only rectangular strips of fabric, and gathering them. This collection was designed to highlight how sustainable techniques can be used in ways that not only lower the environmental impact but also enhance the aesthetic.