Innovative Materials and Product Development

The Innovative Materials and Product Development cluster contributes to the area of design and development for functional apparel. This is done through its research and expertise, and through using the state of-the-art facilities that is recognised by the industry and peers in this field.

The cluster actively engages with leading professionals on collaborative research. The outcomes are disseminated at both national and international level. It is both academically sound and addresses societal impact and ethical considerations benefitting users.

Total number of internal bids during 2015/16

Current research projects supported by the cluster

  • Impact protection for functional apparel
  • Application of theoretical model of digital modelling and 3-D printing as a design and product development process
  • Grading issues of compression sportswear
  • Development of smart wearable biosensors to monitor health using compression garments
  • Investigating 3D CAD learning and teaching of fashion students

Research collaboration

  • Cluster also had Skype meetings with Professor Lijing Wang, RMIT for collaboration on using thermal manikin for research projects – currently supporting one PhD project
  • Joint PhD supervision on the use of auxetic materials for sportswear applications with Dr. Tom Allen, Mechanical Engineering Department and Professor A. Alderson, Sheffield Hallam University

External visits
Four members from the cluster presented their research in the recent TI World Conference 2016 held at Poland during April 2016:

  • Dr. David Tyler
  • Jane Wood
  • Dr. Abu Sadat Sayem
  • Dr. Prabu Venkatraman

Prabu Venkatraman also become an invited member of the sports engineering group from Mechanical Engineering, MMU.

Staff PhD projects/completions

  • Paula Wren is about to complete her PhD project
  • Jane Wood completed her first year PhD project
  • John McLoughlin receives his PhD award during July 2016

Current staff interests

  • Compression garments for sportswear: garment sizing and grading
  • Use of 3D printing as a design and product development process
  • Textile-based encapsulation system for the transdermal delivery of Vitamin D
  • Development of Kombucha fabrics
  • Impact resistant materials for sportswear (auxetic materials)
  • Development of biosensors for monitoring health using compression garments
  • Textile recycling in fashion business