Fashion Design

Fashion Design Research Cluster

The Fashion Design Research Cluster is a holistic interpretation of fashion design spanning social, economic, political perspectives across both the historic and contemporary sphere.

Significant current work in progress

  • Alison Welsh‘Field to fashion/crafting Fashion’ – The development of research around a long standing collaborative relationship blending work from Guajarati master weavers and UK fashion practitioners to explore the question of exploitation or collaboration.
  • Kathryn Brownbridge – A multidisciplinary exploration of 3D body scanning applications for wellbeing and a more sustainable fashion systems. This collaboration between fashion practitioners Kathryn Brownbridge and Simeon Gill, from the University of Manchester, and health psychologists Sarah Grogan from Manchester Metropolitan University and Chris Armitage from the University of Manchester has been in progress since 2010.
  • Anthony Bednall – A project that explores the practical, stylistic and contextual content of a variety of 1950’s Chinese and Russian Fashion publications, whilst examining the historical, economic, political and social context of dress through China’s post imperialist development and the Sino-Soviet relationship, which influenced China’s position on dress as cultural capital.

Research Knowledge Exchange (RKE) achievements

•    Knowledge Exchange project Award – Body scanning and analysis of the elite rugby body- Barbara Shepherd, Kathryn Brownbridge, Jayne Mechan, Abu Sayem.