Digital Portfolio

Requirements for Applicants

Digital Portfolio Requirements

If you have applied to one the following undergraduate Fashion courses at Manchester Metropolitan University, then we will ask you to provide a digital portfolio as part of the application process.

BA (Hons) Fashion

BA (Hons) Fashion Art Direction

BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion

BA (Hons) International Fashion – Design Practice

We would like you to submit your Digital Portfolio as a blog. Follow the instructions below and this should be a straight forward process. However, if you do have any queries you can contact our Admissions Team who will be happy to help.

1 / Set-up a blog

There are many free blog hosting platforms available, please select a platform that works best for you.

Below are some blog hosting services that have been used previously by applicants, but you can use any platform you like as long as we can access it.


You can also use YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud to host media files on your blog.

Protecting Your Privacy

We recommend that you do not publish any personal details on your blog. You may wish to title your blog with your UCAS number instead of your name.
Some platforms also allow you to disable indexing of your blog by search engines.

2 / Upload your portfolio or project

Please read the course specific information below for guidance on what to include in your blog.

BA (Hons) Fashion

Please upload no more than 20 examples of your work to the blog. This can include:

  • Visual research in the form of sampling, sketching and collage
  • Textile and/or technical samples
  • Final outcomes of project work
  • Photographs of three-dimensional work, for example, pattern cutting, modelling on the stand, garments or sculptures
  • Observational drawings


For each image or photograph provide a written summary of no more than 100 words that tells us about your work. Include a description of the media you have used and the dimensions of the work.


If you have any films that you want to include in your portfolio, please add a link or embed the video in your blog. Tell us about your film (maximum 100 words) and state the duration of the film. If you made the film as part of a group, please tell us which role you undertook.

BA (Hons) Fashion Art Direction

Please submit an online digital portfolio with a maximum of 24 images of work that demonstrates your understanding of Fashion Art Direction.

The work can include any of the following: Photography, moving image, styling images, drawings, text.

Please use the following headings when considering what to include:

Future Fashion Thinking

The key issues that are facing the fashion industry.

Project Work

Projects you wish to include should show initial research, development and final outcomes.

Scan any sketchbook pages to show process and ideas related to project work.

Please include summary descriptions (maximum 100 words) with all images submitted.

BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Technology

BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Technology – Menswear
BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Technology – Sportswear
BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Technology – Womenswear

Please upload a blog containing a portfolio of your work that most represents you and your creative practice. This can include photographs and scans of finished work, sketchbook pages and garments. You can also upload video footage to your blog to support your application.

For advice on building a portfolio watch our video

We look forward to reviewing your portfolio!

BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion

Politics, economics and social change influence culture and society and this in turn influences fashion consumer habits — what we wear and how we wear it. Fashion promoters motivate consumer behaviour by developing campaigns through marketing, branding and image-making practices.

Please choose only one of the two options below to upload to your blog:

Portfolio option

If you choose this option, we would like to see no more than 15 examples of your work. For each example please provide a written summary of no more than 200 words. This should describe the reasons why you created this work and information on the development process.

Project option

For the project option please provide examples of your work (maximum 15) which respond to ONE of the topics listed below. For each example you submit please provide a written summary telling us about your ideas (maximum 200 words).

  • Gender
  • Climate
  • Personal identity politics

Your work can include:

  • Your own photographs which could include styled photoshoots,
  • Links to films you created,
  • Collages of fashion advertising imagery, promotional brochures, photography, and text.

For further reading and research, please see these links

BA (Hons) International Fashion - Design Practice

BA (Hons) International Fashion (Top-up) is a dedicated final year programme. If you are applying for the Design Practice pathway, we would like you to submit a digital portfolio as part of the application process. The University is not expecting a full showcase of your fashion design work, but rather an indication of contemporary fashion awareness, curiosity, ideas and core skills in fashion design. We are looking for original thinkers.

You must demonstrate what inspires you, if you have sketchbooks, include images from your sketchbooks using drawing, photography, film, or collage.

Your blog should include the following:

  • 5 key images which demonstrate your influences*
  • Between 5 – 15 images of your research, development and sketchbook work
  • Between 5 – 10 images of any finished creative work

*The images demonstrating your influences may be images of work, people in the present or past, places, events or objects which have inspired or influenced your work: Each image can be supported by explanatory text, but keep it concise. Please ensure that you reference any work that is not your own, clearly stating the source.

Please make sure you use good quality images, if using photography use good light and simple backdrops. Make sure scans are good quality and images are not pixelated. The background to the blog should be simple (white is fine) and contemporary with clear graphics and minimal text.

General Guidance

Images and videos should be selected to be representative of your work and interests.

Consult your teacher to help you create the blog, but make sure all the work you upload is your own.

If you do reference other peoples’ work make sure that the source is clearly stated.

Be prepared to have several attempts at creating the blog before it is finished, so that it goes through a refining process.

Make sure that you we can access your blog without a password and that all the images are visble and links work before you submit it.

3 / Submit your blog

Now your blog is complete, simply submit the web address with our online form at

We will then review your digital portfolio alongside the information you have provided in your application form.

Submit Your Blog

Admissions Enquiries

Please contact the Admissions Team if you require any additional information.

0161 247 5922


International Applications

Please contact the International Team for further advice before submitting your portfolio.

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