Colin Renfrew

Director of Manchester Fashion Institute

"By its nature, Fashion is fickle, changeable and personal"

– Colin Renfrew

A Day In The Life Of Colin Renfrew

My role involves a number of activities, challenges and satisfying outcomes. I am involved in everything from subject development and staffing, to developing and maintaining partnerships with industry and oversea institutions. At the core of everything we do is the student experience and the range of possibilities and innovations available in a subject like fashion.

My Inspiration

A wide variety of people have, and continue to have, an influence on me. My teachers, colleagues, students, an exhibition or a movie may inspire me; anything or anyone who creates an emotional response is inspiring, and that is long lasting.

Manchester's Best-Kept Secret

Mancunians: the residents give the City its humour, tenacity, bravery and humility. Manchester is like nowhere else.

My Three Heroes And Their Strengths

  1. I attended a private boys’ grammar in Glasgow and my art teacher there was an inspiration and a disruptor.
  2. Alexander Calder for his creation of a new art form – the mobile.
  3. Giugiaro Italdesign has dominated automotive and industrial design for 25 years, and has defined an aesthetic that changed our urban landscape.

The One Golden Rule For Studying Fashion In Manchester

Regardless of the shop, label or price, try it on and use the changing room to photograph the details.

My First Job

I took a part time job as illustration tutor whilst studying in London on my MA Fashion course. It was memorable in many ways and the experience was worthwhile for my teaching career.

The Future Of Fashion Is...

By its nature, Fashion is fickle, changeable and personal – so there will be no simple answer to this question. The interface with technology will develop in response to life requirements, so fashion may evolve from an everyday commodity to a form of entertainment, experience or escape. Who can tell?

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+44 (0)161 247 2616

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R.G.08 Righton