Caroline Herz

MSC CText ATI, Principal Lecturer in Fashion, Head of Placements & Employability for the Fashion Institute

My mantra: “Our Students today are tomorrow’s leaders; tomorrow is our today.”

– Caroline Herz

A Day In The Life Of Caroline Herz

I am here to guide, inspire and champion you.

I help to encourage and secure hundreds of our students with suitable positions in the ‘workplace’. I manage the employability and employment services for our students. From work experience and volunteering opportunities, to placements and keeping in touch with our alumni network, I maintain relationships with our established employers whilst also fostering our future industry partners along the way!

My mantra: “Our Students today are tomorrow’s leaders; tomorrow is our today.”

My Inspiration

I have many but am fiercely passionate about the history of early to mid-20th Century Fashion, including designers, illustrators, and photographers. My favourites are:

Fashion Designers:

  • Paul Poiret 1879-1944
  • Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel 1883-1971
  • Christian Dior 1905-1957

Fashion Illustrators:

  • Erté 1892-1990
  • René Gruau 1909-2004
  • David Downton 1959-

Fashion Photographers:

  • Lee Miller 1907-1977
  • Norman Parkinson 1913-1990
  • Irving Penn 1917-2009

Manchester's Best-Kept Secret

Platt Hall Costume Gallery lets you get up close look at many inspirational artefacts from the past. The gallery itself is stunning in its architecture, and they have an archive library that is home to every past edition of British Vogue since first published in 1916. They also store hundreds of vintage costumes, some dating back to the 17th Century.

My Heroes And Their Strengths

I have many but my top two are:

Biba founder Barbara Hulanicki (OBE) has maintained her drive and passion for many decades with her individual style, not just in fashion but also as a lifestyle, and has influenced me since I was very young to have a career in the fashion industry. Her drive and ambition to this day is so inspirational that she is one of our ‘iconic living legends’ still in practice. Back in the 1960’s she revolutionised the youth market by starting her mail order business, which became so successful in such a short time she went on to open the famous Biba seven-floor store on Kensington High Street, London. This was the most decadent and lavish retail establishment, and changed the face of retail back in the 60’s and 70’s. To me she was brave enough to bring something to the fashion industry that had not been done before.

‘Coco’ Chanel’s legacy is driven by Karl Lagerfeld who has led the House of Chanel for almost four decades. Lagerfeld continues to have the vision to reinterpret Mademoiselle’s ‘signature look’ every season and manages to innovate her key iconic pieces into different forms without losing their meaning or style. To me this gives the brand its uniqueness without losing its identity and has maintained its position as a leader in the fashion industry to this day. I feel proud to say that we have Graduates from our Fashion Institute who work for the Chanel brand in high profile positions and feel immensely proud to see that we have helped to shape their careers from an education perspective. We aim to inspire our students to reach their potential goals at the start of their journey and support them in their future careers and beyond.

The One Golden Rule For Studying Fashion In Manchester

Golden Rules (I have six!):

  1. Push your boundaries
  2. Think outside the box
  3. Go beyond what is expected of you
  4. Never give up
  5. Take risks
  6. Be the best

My First Job

After graduating from Hollings Faculty in 1981, I went to work for an outerwear manufacturer based in Salford – they are still in business today! I designed coats and suits for airlines, as well as designing womenswear for high street retailers and large department stores including Harrods, Selfridges (London), and House of Fraser. I have been lucky enough to experience changes in fashions over the last four decades and each one has influenced my work through innovations in textiles, garment fit/construction, and CAD.

Whilst I was studying, we had no opportunities to go into industry between second and third year, so to go straight into a job after I graduated was quite a shock! Nothing prepares you as well as today’s current status where we place over a third of all our undergraduates in fashion related roles in industry, and over 85% go on to graduate level jobs.

The Future Of Fashion Is...

Manchester Fashion Institute

Our legacy is the Manchester Fashion Institute heritage; my legacy is work for our students. At Manchester Fashion Institute we have solid foundations to start your career, we grow your creative talent, we foster future working relationships, and we believe in you!

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