Andrea Zapp

Senior Research Fellow in Media Arts at the School of Arts

"Find your strength through experiments that reflect your very own creativity and be confident."

– Andrea Zapp

A Day In The Life Of Andrea Zapp

Andrea Zapp, born in Germany, is an internationally exhibiting media artist and fashion designer. Her digital and design installations have been exhibited in media festivals, fashion weeks, museums and galleries across Europe, the USA, South America, Australia and Asia. Most recently, she has focused her artistic practice on narrative digital imagery for fabric, textile and fashion design, embroidery and digital sculpture. She has an MA background in Film and Media Studies as well as Russian and French Literature and Language.

She currently researches into the future of fashion and technologies, investigating the potential of smart fabrics and materials for design purposes and new visual production concepts in fashion and design.

In 2014, she launched the fashion, media and design spinout label AZ.andreazapp. Andrea also teaches in Photography and Creative Multimedia at the School of Arts and supervises PhDs and MAs. She is a member of the Future Technologies Research Group, the Media Research Group, and the Digital Innovation Centre Research Group.

My Inspiration

In my fashion research and designs, I mostly strive for clear and linear shapes and forms. I design my own fabric from my photography in which photo-real imagery becomes an abstract narrative through print. My creative thinking process is stimulated by contemporary aesthetics attributed to architecture or more minimalist and modernist art and design theories. I am also researching interactive garment options and wearables, hence I am inspired by art and technology based developments.

Manchester's Best-Kept Secret

I am keeping an eye on the historic Victoria baths site in the hopes of it returning to its former glory as a leisure facility and open to the public. That could be truly amazing.  Also, not a secret, but Islington Mill as a performance and creative studio place is a great spot in Salford.

My Three Heroes And Their Strengths

  1. The Bauhaus Movement – for its clarity and simplicity in design and thinking.
  2. Hussein Chalayan – for his experimentation in fashion sculpture and technology.
  3. Phoebe Philo – for her clever minimalist designs and aesthetics.

The One Golden Rule For Studying Fashion In Manchester

Find your strength through experiments that reflect your very own creativity and be confident.

My First Job

Fashion is not my first career, it was film and media which has led me gradually to conceptual fashion and paved the way for new concepts that are interdisciplinary and compatible.

The Future Of Fashion Is

I think the future of fashion will be technology based and evolve similar to how digital media has become an everyday tool. Whether that is entirely a good thing, I actually do not know. I also think that in this respect, the sustainable and ethical fashion concepts will be of major importance. The intersection of this will set interesting challenges for future design questions.

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