Anthony Bednall

Associate Head

Anthony Bednall

Associate Head


Telephone: 0161 247 3533

Academic and professional qualifications

I have a broad academic background both in the UK and overseas. I graduated from Kingston University, London, with a Degree in Fashion and am presently the Associate Head of Department of Apparel.

I have previously shown Fashion collections in London, Paris and Japan, both as an independent designer and retailer as well as part of a design team . Whilst based in Beijing, I was involved in designing garments for international companies such as the Hilton Hotel, Audi, Lenovo and Sofitel. I was also a regular Judge at China International Fashion week, for the China Fashion Association, and has produced and written articles for newspapers and magazines such as China Textiles, China Apparel and China Fashion Weekly.

I am interested in the relationship between Fashion, Art, culture and society and his research investigates cultural identity and the narratives around clothing through curation and making.

I have previously curated exhibitions and presented papers on 20th Century Chinese Fashion as well as producing installation pieces at international exhibitions and conferences.

Previous Employment

I have worked previously as a Senior Lecturer in Fashion at the University of East London and the University of Derby and from 2002 to 2010 was the Academic Director/Head of Fashion for an International Design Institute in Beijing, China. I returned to the UK as Head of School of Design at the Arts University Bournemouth before joining MMU in 2014.



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Book Chapters

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Conference Papers

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