Sixth Fibre Recycling Symposium

7-8 June 2017
Manchester Metropolitan University



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Conference Programme Wednesday 7th June 2017

Symposium Theme: Circular Economy

Chair: Professor Walter Leal

Keynote: Arun Aneja,
1. Shaping the Circular Economy-Textile Redesign

Richard Delahay and David Tyler
2. The Resyntex Approach to the Circular Economy

Nick Morley, Nia Bell, Kate Riley and Peter Lee
3. Tackling Problematic Textile Waste streams

Valérie Julie Boiten, Sara Li-Chou Han and David Tyler
4. Circular Economy Stakeholder Perspectives: Textile Collection Strategies to Support Material Circularity

Traci Kinden and Gwen Cunningham
5. Circular Textiles Infrastructure

David Tyler
6. Design for Environment and the Circular Economy

Roozbeh Kalateh, Aimaro Sanna, Danmei Sun and James McVee
7. Recycling of Textile Waste Through Pyrolysis Process

Symposium Theme: New Technologies & Innovations

Chair: Dr Gail Baugh

Keynote: Stephen Jenkinson
8. The Challenge of Taking Fibre out of the Domestic Waste Stream for a Major Urban Conurbation – A Case Study of Greater Manchester

Keiichiro Sano and Masahiko Morikawa
9. Eco Tableware Using Waste of Bamboo and Polypropylene

Burçin Eser, Pınar Çelik and Ahmet Cay
10. Effects of Cotton Textile Waste Properties on Recyled Fibre Quality After Shredding

Teruo Kimura and Masashi Nakao
11. Recyclability of Waste Feather as Reinforcement of Green Composites

David Garlovsky
12. Circular Economy in the Manufacture of a Recycled Cotton/Denim Low Carbon Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

Mohsen Miraftab
13. Review of Textile Waste Research at University of Bolton

Ali Harlin, Pirjo Heikkilä and Henna Knuutila
14. Development of Textile Recycling Chain in Finland – Insights of TELEKETJU Project

Conference Programme Thursday 8th June 2017

Symposium Theme: Design/Fashion and Recyclability

Chair: Dr Arun Aneja

Keynote: Gail Baugh
15. The New Business Model for Textile and Apparel Industries

Connie Ulasewicz and Gail Baugh
16. Toward Zero Textile Waste (Film)

Jane Gardner
18. Carpet Recycling UK – Recovering Value From Carpet Fibres

Laetitia Forst
19. Towards A Design-Led Understanding Of Blends For Recyclability

Joanna Blanco-Velo, David Tyler and Phoebe Apeagyei
20. Familiar But Not Understood: Lexical Barriers to Mainstream Fashion Product Literacy

Posters presented at the Symposium

Textile Wastes to Energy through Torrefaction
Ahmet Cay, Jale Yanik, Alper Hanoglu

Identifying Consumer Divestment Attitudes and Behaviours Regarding Discarded Clothes and Textiles
Sara Li-Chou Han, Phoebe Apeagyei, Joanna Blanco-Velo and David Tyler

Green Product Development with Comfort and High Quality
Kei Kawauchi, Atsuko Yamamoto