8 – 12 April 2019

21st Annual IFFTI Conference 2019
Fashion: ID

Conference Dates:
8th – 12th April 2019 in Manchester, UK

Conference Organiser:
Manchester Fashion Institute – Manchester Metropolitan University

Contact details: iffti2019@mmu.ac.uk

Call for Contributions


Fashion is material and symbolic, it impacts upon our well-being, our sense of place, the economy and society. The 21st Annual IFFTI 2019 conference will be broad ranging; the fashion industry’s portfolio includes functional clothing, creative performance and impacts on health and well-being.  This conference will provide an international forum that explore the impact of new research on culture, consumerism, style, technology and expanding global activities. It will provide an opportunity to debate, to celebrate innovation, to voice new opinions and to create change.


The theme of the conference; Fashion: ID sets out to examine, redefine and challenge existing conventions, explore new thinking and technological evolution.

The 2019 IFFTI theme is divided into three sub themes:
Personal: ID, Community: ID and Global: ID

Personal: ID

Innovator, muse, guru, pioneer, designer, marketer, financier, saviour, entertainer, prophet, follower, maker, dreamer, observer, hero.

Personal interactions with senses of identity – past, present and future.

Influences, which define and shape our individual sense of fashion and identity.

Community: ID

Tribes, subscribers, cohesive socio groups who define and are defined by values and tensions around status, belonging and the need for individuality.

The young and restless, seeking to improve and solve the problems created by their elders.

The old, a global challenge with many issues to address, including health and better living.

Global: ID

Migration and destabilisation. Fashion’s conscience in balancing profits with societal damage.

The relevance of fashion in a digital, destabilised world.

The future of the brand/retailer/trends – is there one?

The focus of this context is the social and economic future considerations of fashion, and the possibility of a ‘non’ identity.


We believe in the interaction between theoretical research and practice-based research and strongly welcome contributions from both academics and (fashion) practitioners. Research through creative practices – artistic research and design research – will help to raise new questions, to provoke, and to develop new insights. In addition to traditional paper sessions, we thus invite creative practitioners to send in proposals for exhibitions, film showings, posters, participatory panel discussions or other creative interventions.

Every submission should deliver a bold statement of identity whether this relates to personal, community or global identity.

The conference will use these statements to launch each session or paper.

Please note papers are to be presented and not just read aloud. Presenters are encouraged to develop content into a dynamic and interactive session. 

Paper Submissions

All Abstracts have now been reviewed and authors have been contacted with feedback.

For any questions regarding guidelines for full paper submission please contact: iffti2019@mmu.ac.uk

Abstract submission deadline:
17th August 2018

Abstract reviews completed, abstract acceptance notice sent, call for full papers:
29th November 2018

Full paper submission deadline:
7th January 2019

Full paper reviews completed, full paper acceptance notice sent:
31st January 2018

Submission of revised full papers:
28th February 2019

Proposals for non-paper submissions

As well as traditional paper submissions the committee welcome other forms of research outputs that will contribute to the IFFTI 2019 schedule. If you wish to submit anything outside of paper format, you should submit a detailed proposal for consideration.

All proposals must have a title and a word count of 300 words, written in English; – Please include visuals (if possible) to illustrate the idea of your contribution.

Include all contact information (name of practitioner, email address, phone number). In case of multiple contributors, please indicate who is the corresponding contributor.

Relation to the conference theme / subthemes should be clearly indicated, please add 3-5 keywords to specify.

All proposals will go through a review and selection process. A committee of both scholars and practitioners will be appointed for the selection of creative practice contributions.

Any questions regarding submission formats can be sent to iffti2019@mmu.ac.uk

Emails containing the proposals should be submitted to iffti2019@mmu.ac.uk

Proposal submission deadline:
30th September 2018

Proposal reviews completed, acceptance notice sent:
14th December 2018